A plumber in Sydney will easily be able to tell you if you have a burst pipe or blocked drain. However, a little DIY is never a bad thing, and it can sometimes be incredibly useful if you know how to keep an eye out for any pipe issues in your own home. Keep reading to find out some of the simple things you can look out for if you believe you have a burst pipe.



Changes in water pressure

A burst pipe has an impact on the amount of water coming out of your taps and other appliances. Essentially, a burst pipe means less water will come out of your faucets, as a result of this, you might notice a decrease in the water pressure in your home.


A burst pipe can cause many issues for plumbing in Sydney, as the lower water pressure may also mean there is not enough pressure to push everything down your pipes and thus cause blocked drains.If you notice drastic changes in your water pressure, it might be time to call a plumber in Sydney to take a look.


Increased water bills

Another simple way of determining if you have a burst pipe in order to tell a plumber in Sydney what the problem is, is by checking your water bills. If your water bill seems to be higher than normal, without any changes in your water usage, you may have a burst pipe. The water leaking out of your pipes will still be contributing to your water bill, even though you aren’t actually using it.


A handy way of checking your water usage is by looking at your water meter. If  you notice the water meter is constantly running, even when you are not using the water, tt could be an indicator that you have a plumbing in Sydney issue.


Discoloured water

For those who are experts at plumbing in Sydney, there are ways to not only tell if you currently have an issue, but also if you are soon to have one. Oftentimes finding the problem early means fixing it is simpler and less costly. Discoloured water coming out of your taps can be an indicator that you have a leak, or that you may soon have one.


If you notice the water coming from your faucets has a brown tinge, this could indicate your pipes have rust in them. Rust is one of the main issues that leads to burst pipes. Therefore, if you notice discoloured water, it might be time to contact an expert.


Noisy pipes

Broken or leaking pipes can sometimes be noisy; hearing bubbling or whistling sounds is an indicator that there might be an issue. If you hear a bubbling sound, it is probably as a result of air getting into the sewer line due to the leak. A whistling sound could be a sign that your pipes are dented. Whist dented pipes do not always mean there is a leak, they often lead to leaks, so it is recommended that you get the advice of an expert if you hear whistling.

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