One of the most common, and frustrating plumbing problems for any home owner is a blocked drain. It can be incredibly inconvenient and will require the attention of an experienced plumber. There are numerous causes for a blocked drain in Sydney, keep reading to find out what the four most common reasons are.


1: Hair

Oftentimes, plumbers find that the cause of a blocked drain in Sydney is a build up of hair in the plug. Whilst hair is relatively delicate, the accumulation can prevent water from passing through the plug, which can cause major problems.

A simple way of preventing a hair related clog is to invest in a product that will catch the hair before it goes down the plughole. However, most plumbing experts would recommend that homeowners regularly check for a build up of hair in and around the plug so they can deal with it before it becomes a larger problem


2: Baby Items

Parenting is undeniably difficult and exhausting, so it is no surprise that parents opt for ease. Although putting nappies and wipes down the toilet may seem like a simple solution, it is just the beginning of a larger issue.

Baby wipes do not disintegrate in water in the same way toilet paper does, so there is a chance that the material will catch on obstacles within the plumbing system and lead to a blocked drain. Furthermore, nappies are designed to absorb liquid meaning they will soak up the water in the toilet and expand, making them far too big to fit through the system.


3: Grease and Fat

When many people think of blocked drains in Sydney, they initially jump to bathroom items as being the culprit. However, this is not always the case, in fact cooking grease and fat are some of the most common causes.

Although it is easy to believe grease and fat are fine to go down the drain because they are liquids, these substances are incredibly sticky and will attach to the inside of the pipes. Over time this will result in no liquids being able to pass through.


4: Garden Debris

It is important not to forget that clogs can occur at any stage in the plumbing system, and this does not always mean it stems from issues inside the house. Many home owners don’t realise that garden debris, such as trees, plants and leaves can have an impact on their pipes. Another issue to be aware of in regards to trees is their roots; tree roots are drawn to their nearest water source which can lead to pipes cracking and in time causing clogs.

It is recommended that homeowners maintain their outside space by regularly clearing leaves and other outside waste.

Blocked drains in Sydney can be a huge inconvenience, however, being aware of the most common causes and how to minimise the impact will go a long way in helping your plumbing system stay healthy.


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